ID Card Request

Submit your GTS ID/Swipe card request online using this form and your GTS ID Card will be ready for you within 2 business days.

Family members living on the Close

Please note if you have a spouse/spartner or family members living on the Close that this form must be submitted for every GTS/ID card being requested. Only one GTS ID card is issued per person and there is a replacement fee for lost cards. ID cards are not issued to spartners or family members of students or faculty living off the Close. 

ID Requirements

To receive a GTS ID card you must be a current GTS employee or student, or a spouse/spartner or direct family member of a GTS faculty member or student who is resident on the Close.

Photo Requirements

Face must be clearly visible and facing forward – no profile shots, dark glasses, or hats. Photo must be in color. Photos should not include other people or animals. No graduation caps, gowns, or costumes may be worn Photo brightness, contrast, and cropping must be reasonable - we can crop large photos.

This is a usable ID photo

These are examples of photos that will not work:

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GTS ID/Swipe Card Request



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